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Lice Treatment in Akron, OH

Are you looking for help with lice treatment in Akron Ohio? Here you can find local lice treatment clinics in your area. Keep in mind that not all locations will have a place for you to actually drive to. Some lice removal companies will come to your location and depending on how busy they are, they might take a few days to get to you.

If there are lice treatment centers in Akron, they will be listed here:


Number: 330-926-5070

Address: 651 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave, Akron, OH 44310

Website: bernadettesofakron.net

Description: Lice removal is a multi-step process. Bernadette’s Lice Removal Center takes the lead and then supports you in the later steps. Getting rid of the lice is the first part of the battle. But these critters can live up to four days off of a head. That is why it is so important to take care of your home. We have created a checklist for you to help make this process easier for your whole family.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Sunday : 7AM-12PM

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What To Do If You Have Lice In Akron?

The first thing you need to do is do not panic. Lice are easily treated and many people will seek treatment at home. This treatment is usually a lice shampoo and conditioner. Instructions will come with these kits to help you walk through the process of getting rid of these bugs. The problem, most people don’t want to wait to get a lice treatment kit and will seek a treatment center in Akron. If you have school aged children you will be required to keep them home. Contact your school for their lice procedures.

How Much Does Lice Removal in Akron cost?

If you are looking for a lice treatment clinic in Akron, expect to pay between $125-$300 per person. The cost is dependent on the amount of hair and how much work it takes to completely remove the lice. One of the great things about a clinic is that they will often warranty their work. If you go home and get lice again, they will do another treatment for no cost.

In order to receive the warranty you must have everyone in the household checked for lice. You will also receive instructions on how to disinfect your entire house by washing all bedding, clothing, towels, brushes and anything else where lice can be hiding.

How To Get A Lice Treatment Kit In Akron, OH?

A better option of removing lice is buying your own lice treatment kit. If you order one online they are usually delivered within a few days. During that time you can actually remove all live lice and then use the shampoo and conditioner treatment to kill off the eggs or any other live lice that hatch. The best lice treatment kits will save you from the hassle of going to a clinic as well as a large amount of money that those clinics usually cost. These lice treatment kits can be shipped to you in Akron and will arrive quickly.