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Our most popular Wisconsin cities include:

The cities above are the most popular locations for people searching for a lice treatment center near them. If you don’t see your city listed above please check out our list below and find the location nearest you. Some small cities and towns in Wisconsin don’t have head lice treatment centers and will refer you to the next ‘bigger’ city.

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Wisconsin Lice Treatment Resources

There are no definitive stats on how many people get lice in Wisconsin. Most people who have lice never talk about it, so any statistics you find online are simply estimates.

The state of Wisconsin, as well as all Wisconsin schools, have procedures on how to deal with lice and lice outbreaks. You might see that many schools have what is called a ‘no-nit’ policy. That simply means that your child cannot attend school if they find ‘nits’ in the hair. Even if no active lice are found but the leftover eggshells (casings) are found, school districts throughout Wisconsin may require your child to stay home or leave early.

This policy has been changing from school to school as the newest policy is changing to ‘no live lice’, which means that if no active lice are found in your child’s hair, they can remain at school until the end of the day. Treatment is still required.

Removing the nits is a time-intensive process, but is something that can be done with a lice comb and lots of patience.

You can read more about lice from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Wisconsin Schools Lice Policy

Each school district in Wisconsin has its own policy in how it deals with head lice found on a student. Many schools still have a ‘no-nit’ policy which means that if the casing of lice are found on the hair, the child must be sent home immediately. Even if no live lice are found they are sent home or not allowed back until treatment has been performed.

This policy is changing and many schools are enacting a ‘no-live-lice’ policy which simply means that if live lice are found, only then does the student have to miss school.

You will need to ask your school district what their policy is and how they handle nits and live lice. There are no school districts that will allow a student in school who has live lice in their hair. Nits are different because they are either the active eggs of lice or just the empty shells of the lice. If you have had a treatment done and the lice have been killed, then the nits may be all that remains. These nits are glued to the hair, making them extremely difficult to remove except by a lice comb which can be a very time-consuming process.

If your school is a ‘no-nit’ policy school then order a lice comb immediately to get the nits removed.