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A lice treatment center may be necessary in many different situations. If you get a notice from your local school that lice has been found on some students or you find lice in your hair and don’t know what to do, driving to your nearest lice removal clinic may be your best option.

You might be asking yourself “Where can I find a lice treatment center near me?

The simple answer is by searching, taking time to research where to find the best clinic or even better, how you can remove lice yourself. A treatment center will charge you between $150-$300 per person. If you have multiple family members, each person will have to be checked for lice and if lice is found the price can skyrocket on what you will pay to become lice-free.

If you want to save money and have time then your best option is to use a DIY lice removal product. This option comes with lice shampoo/conditioner and a lice comb.

If you don’t have time and don’t mind spending the money then using our referral service to connect you to the best lice treatment center in your area will be a great option. Some people don’t want to deal with getting rid of these bugs and lets be honest.. its kind of disgusting and might be difficult for some people to do, especially if you have a fear of bugs. These little guys are crawling throughout your hair and scalp.

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Who We Are

We are a team of families who have experienced the dread of having to deal with head lice. Our children attend public school and whenever there is an outbreak we remain calm because we have found ways of preventing lice from ever affecting our homes.

Lice Treatment Clinics Open Weekends

Some lice removal centers are open on the weekend. They know that this problem can happen to anyone at any time and most people don’t want to wait until their nearest clinic opens on Monday. Just know that some will charge you a weekend rate which will be higher than their weekday rates.

You will also need to keep in mind that these centers offer a lice-free guarantee but you will have to follow their instructions and make sure everyone who lives at your house comes into the clinic . They won’t give you their guarantee if you have someone who cannot make the same appointment. They will check each person thoroughly to make sure there are no lice or nits (eggs) waiting to hatch.

Is It Lice or Dandruff?

One of the biggest misconsepetions of lice is that people get them confused with dandruff. They both are small, white and can be hard to notice. Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp and is simply dead skin flaking off the scalp. Lice on the ohter hand are small insects that are also white. They can cause dry skin. The difference is that dandruff flakes off onto your shirt or jacket making it obvious. Lice will not leave your head and cling to your hair.

One away to know if its dandruff or lice is by examining the scalp and hair. If you see white specks of dead skin and nothing is moving its most likely just dandruff and not lice. Lice will be obvious if you have never seen them before.

What is the Life Cycle of Lice

Head lice can multiple quickly and once you have noticed them, its usually because they are to the point of infestation.

The female louse will lay eggs and attach them to the hair shaft with a waterproof (glue-like) substance. This allows the eggs to hold firm to the hair shaft without being washed away, brushed off or blown away.

You will hear the word ‘nits’ often which is another name for the lice eggs. You may even think you have lice but in fact only have dandruff or the other way around. People confuse dandruff for lice often.

The eggs will be attached to the hair right next to the scalp where its warm, the perfect place for hatching. The nits usually hatch within eight to nine days after they are laid. Once they have hatched the yellow or white shells will still be attached to the hair shaft. The empty egg shells will move further away from the scalp as your hair grows, making it more obvious that there is a lice problem. If you notice these yellow/white shells further away from the scalp, that is another indication of the level of lice infestation that is happening.

The baby lice, also known as nymphs are near the size of the small egg shells and will be very light in color. It takes nine to 12 days for the nymphs to become adults which then they mate and the females will start laying egg, thus continuing the cycle.

An adult louse can live up to 30 days on the human head.

How Do You Get Lice?

Once you find lice the first question that is ask is “How did I get lice?”. Children are more susceptible to getting lice but that is only because they are picking them up from their siblings or from other children at school.

Since lice can only crawl they are usually moving from one person to another by share objects such as combs, head bands, hats, headphones, pillows or any other shared object that touches the head.

Lice cannot fly, jump or hop which means they can only get from person to person by heads touching or by sharing objects that touch the head.

Since the louse eggs (nits) are attached to the hair shaft you cannot ‘catch’ the eggs, they have to be laid by a live female lice.

Lice can only live for a day off of a human head. Which means that shared items such as hats, headphones, brushes, combs and pillows are less likely to be the transition point, its still possible for lice to move from those objects to another head.

If you have children and they have lice, you must clean every item you can think of that could be a transition point. This is important to stop the spread of lice within your family.

Simply washing these items in very hot water will do the trick.

Head Lice Removal Can Be EASY!

You’ve discovered head lice? Uh Oh, the dreaded head lice. ​I’ll be honest with you. Head lice is not fun, but it can be very easy to deal with. You just need to do it correctly and have the right tools!

Here are the most important things to keep in mind.

    The combing and manual removal of the lice and nits is by far the most important and the most effective treatment for lice. While the shampoo and other treatments are important, the only way to insure total elimination is manual removal. Fortunately it really is not as hard as it sounds.
    Continuing the treatment with a high quality lice shampoo is next in importance. You want to cover every angle in lice removal.
    Remember to regularly check for head lice every few days after treatment. If you find remaining lice or nits repeat the treatment. Catching any survivors early makes it much easier the second time to fully eliminate lice. If you do not check regularly and they grow to full life it can be just as much work to get rid of them the second time.

Cost Breakdown?

  • Clinic Lice Treatment for 4 would cost $400-$800
  • Clear Lice Treatment Kits for 4 costs only $146.50
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